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Professional Organizer

Serving the greater Summerville, SC area with in person

and virtual services

 Maximize Your Space
Eliminate Chaos
Save Time and Aggravation

Why Should I Hire a Professional Organizer?

1. Because organizing your own space can be super overwhelming. Organizing requires seeing the big picture as well as all the tiny details. Let someone with fresh eyes take the burden off of you.

2. Because our space and our things hold a lot of emotions. We'll hold your hand through any decision and won't judge what you choose to keep or remove from the space.

3. Because you've been dreading getting that room in order and it's been on your to do list since you moved in. That room makes us organizers want to dive in and belt out "Into the Unknown" like Elsa. We know it's weird, but organizing is our super power.

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How to work with Zenia Organizers

Schedule a Consult
Book Your Session
Relax & Enjoy

We'll discuss your challenges and unique needs and goals. Then we'll determine how to meet that within your budget and with a specialized plan.

Beyond making your space more organized and efficient, you'll get emotional support throughout the process

All trash, recycling, and donations will be removed the day of. Leaving you just to enjoy your space.

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