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Teal and Ivory Framed Process Infographi

Who can benefit from Professional Organizing?

Merged Households
  • Who's dishes do we keep?

  • Do we hang all these pictures?

  • How should we divide closet space?


  • What do we need to hold on to? Are those items being stored the best way?

  • Do the kids want the items we're saving for them?


Downsizing Aging Parents
  • How can I ease their next stage of life without taking on things I don't need or want in my home?


  • What toys and books are still being used and age appropriate?

  • Is the linen closet still filled with crib sheets?

Loss or Divorce
  • Where do I even start unpacking post move?

  • Will decluttering help my house sell faster? 

  • When should I begin?

  • What should I hold on to?

  • Do I have to do it all at once?   

I want to save Time, Money or Sanity
  • Why am I always searching for my keys, wallet or glasses?

  • How do I keep buying multiples of things I already own?

  • Will I ever leave the house on time for once?

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