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More About Me

Merging Households

Who's dishes do we keep?

Do we hang all these pictures?

How should we divide closet space?

Kiddo Transitions

What toys and books are still being used and age appropriate?

Is the linen closet still filled with crib sheets?

Move Management

Where do I even start unpacking post move?

Will decluttering help my house sell faster? 

Save Time,Money,


Why am I always searching for my keys, wallet or glasses?

How do I keep buying multiples of things I already own?

Will I ever leave the house on time for once?

Empty Nesters

What do we need to hold on to? Are those items being stored the best way?

Do the kids even want the items we're saving for them?

Downsizing Aging Parents

How can I ease their next stage of life without taking on things I don't need or want in my home?

Loss or Divorce

When should I begin?

What should I hold on to?

Do I have to do it all at once?

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